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GreenPrint Solutions brings extensive media and GIS experience to environmental planning and sustainable agriculture. GreenPrint Solutions helps communities, developers, and landowners make better-informed decisions about land stewardship. GreenPrint Solutions brings years of experience in planning, zoning, and public administration, identifying key issues and prioritizing priority conservation and development areas; discussing with keys players the logistics of various initiatives and policies; and developing cutting edge solutions to difficult environmental problems. GreenPrint Solutions provides a process of discovery into what makes our landscapes unique in terms of the natural and human environment. 

Our assigned staff specializes in sustainable planning and zoning. We have significant experience developing and implementing land use, natural resource, and cultural resource preservation and restorations plans. We have worked extensively with public and private entities preparing land development regulations, comprehensive plans, and environmental preservation strategies, site design, GIS databases, and innovative modeling. We have strong expertise in the development of solutions to unique planning, zoning, and public policy issues.

At GreenPrint Solutions, we view ourselves as persons-in-communities and active participants rather than individuals-in-markets and passive recipients. Therefore, we urge participation and cooperation as essential ingredients in developing a healthy community. Every one of us in the region, regardless of where we live and work, is responsible for natural resource preservation and restoration, retention of farmland and green infrastructure, and urban redevelopment. Vital communities and open spaces nurture the best of the human spirit – a spirit of wonder, celebration, work, and leisure – and thus they contribute to the common good of this region. 


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